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Amici 2017
€ 300.00

As a Friend, you make a difference

The Nexus Institute is a vulnerable cultural institution: it never seeks to pose easy questions, nor compromises in the creation and organization of its publications and debates. If you value the Nexus Institute’s philosophy and consider the Institute a necessary presence in today’s society, and if you think that money can serve to create insight into contemporary issues and to cultivate the European humanist tradition, we invite you to become a Friend of Nexus.

The Amici package includes:
- 2 VIP tickets for all Nexus activities
- guaranteed seating with an excellent view
- access to the VIP lounge
- upon release, a Nexus Library series publication

Our vice president Eveline Riemen - Van der Ham will gladly inform you of the (fiscal) options.

E-mail: ham[at]nexus-instituut.nl
Telephone: +31 (0)85 064 5206