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Nuria  Schoenberg Nono
© Joyce van Belkom

Nuria Schoenberg Nono

Spain, 1932

Nuria Schoenberg Nono is the daughter of Arnold Schönberg and the widow of avant-garde composer Luigi Nono. She is director of the Luigi Nono Archive in Venice, which keeps the manuscripts, compositions, studies, recordings and personal documents of the composer, who passed away in 1990. She also undertook the transfer of her father’s large estate from Los Angeles to the Arnold Schönberg Center in Vienna, where she has been president of the board since it opened in 1998.

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“I don’t think that music can bring forth great changes in society, but I am certain that, just as is the case with architecture, painting and all the arts, it can and does reflect the different social political situations in a given period. It reflects the establishment view and often in a stronger and more inventive way, the opposition.”


Conference 2011. Debate Sense of Crisis

First debate: Commedia Humana. Part I: Sense of Crisis With Ivan Fischer, Claudio Magris, Nuria Schoenberg-Nono, Katie Mitchell, Michael Steinberg and Carl Niekerk at the Muziektheater in Amsterdam. Lees meer