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Ágnes Heller: A witness of history

Ágnes Heller: A witness of history

Did you attend the Nexus Conference last November? Hungarian philosopher Ágnes Heller, 87 years old, moved the audience by telling the story of her life in her keynote lecture. Heller survived the Holocaust and was forced to go into exile by the Hungarian Communist Party. Having repeatedly faced dictators and oppression, she used her rich experience to analyse the dangers of today’s international politics. The highlights of her lecture are now online on our website. Lees meer

Nationalism: A Political Poison Masterclass Dubravka Ugrešić

Nationalism: A Political Poison Masterclass Dubravka Ugrešić

Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić was a vehement critic of the nationalist political culture during the war in former Yugoslavia. As a result she suffered threats and harassment, and was forced to leave the country. During the Nexus Masterclass she spoke about the dangers of nationalism and the role of literature in the fight against narrow-mindedness with the audience. The videos of her lecture and the lively discussion afterwards can now be viewed here. Lees meer


Broaden your horizon with Nexus Connect

Broaden your horizon with Nexus Connect

Nexus Connect is the Nexus youth association for cultural connoisseurs under 36 looking for inspiration, profundity and Bildung. As a Connect member you receive three bound volumes from the Nexus Library series and a discount on your tickets for Nexus activities. This spring, the Nexus Institute hosts two symposia and in November, the annual Nexus Conference will take place. If you would like to enjoy these events, this is the best time to join Connect. Lees meer

Understanding through Context

The Nexus Institute studies the European cultural heritage in its artistic, ideological and philosophical context in order to provide insight into contemporary issues and to shape and stimulate the cultural and philosophical debate. Lees meer



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Jeb Bush & Rob Riemen on democracy

What is the state of democracy? What needs to be done to re-engage both politicians and citizens? Read more


Jeb Bush on Trump

Jeb Bush: Trump is gifted at playing on people's fears rather than offering solutions. © Jan Reinier van der Vliet